Was zeichnet einen bewussten Konsumenten aus?

What characterizes a conscious consumer?

noun [U]
the state of being aware of and reacting to one's surroundings.
a person's awareness or perception of something.
noun [U]
a person who purchases goods or services for his or her own use

Conscious consumer behavior for a sustainable future

Conscious consumption means making an active and conscious decision when purchasing products and services.

It's about making conscious decisions about which companies and products you support and what impact consumption has on the environment, society and your own health.

This also includes a critical look at production and supply chains to ensure that ethical standards are adhered to.

Remember that with every purchase you take responsibility for who and what you support and thus actively contribute to shaping this world.

Mindful consumption

Reflecting on your own behavior is an important part of conscious consumption.

By becoming aware of how our purchasing decisions and consumer behavior impact the environment, society and resources, we can make targeted changes.

Reflection allows us to become aware of our own needs and values ​​and to question whether our consumption does justice to them.

We can ask ourselves whether we really need certain products or services or whether there are more sustainable alternatives.

Thinking about ethics and sustainability

Through self-reflection, we can also educate ourselves about the social and ethical aspects of our purchasing decisions and, for example, make sure to choose products from companies that promote fair working conditions and environmentally friendly practices.

By reflecting on our own behavior, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

Would you define yourself as a conscious consumer?