Comic über das Thema Selbstliebe

The story behind the project

Be yourself, follow your dreams, and don't try to fit into something you're not - that's a waste of time and only makes you unhappy.

Unfortunately, that's not always what we learn when we grow up. Expectations from parents, society, etc. can make us stop following our dreams and force us to meet other people's demands.

The first project deals with exactly this journey.

It's the story of the little duck who discovers that she's pretending to be something she's not because she's afraid of not being accepted/good enough. She slowly transforms into what she really is - her authentic self.

"Little Duck in Authentic Self" is the first project done with Raglan.

There are two reasons for this.

1. I can identify very well with the story of Little Duck and the creation of Räglan is part of this journey.

2. In order to really make the world a better place, I am convinced that we all have to first look inwards and deal with ourselves. Because only if we take care of ourselves, are free by how we behave, can we also take care of our fellow human beings. It is, so to speak, the basic requirement for all further activities / projects.

In line with this, every purchase supports the Mental Health Initiative, which creates awareness of mental health at school with its YAM program.

Meet the Artist

Mann mit gelber Ente-Handpuppe