Räglan is a Voice. It expresses passion about its beliefs and wants to influence the future. It won’t compromise. It will offend, it will inspire. It will always put humanity first.

Räglan was founded with the aim of counteracting social and systemic injustices.
We draw attention to grievances and injustices, clarify them and give you the opportunity to contribute to solving these problems.

We believe that a fairer world for everyone is possible.


We will probably never be able to completely do without consumption.

Therefore, we consider it absolutely necessary to make conscious purchasing decisions and to ensure that we use the value created by our consumption to support projects that serve the common good.

In our social system, we only achieve this by using economic purposes for the social interests of our society.


We live in a capitalist system, so the following applies to Räglan and other companies:

In order to be allowed to play, we have to earn more than we spend. At the same time, this means that if we cover our costs or make a profit, this is a sign of trust on your part, that we will deal with responsibly.

With every purchase, you influence the power of a company. Therefore, be aware of the importance of your actions.

By buying from Räglan, you create awareness and financial support for NGOs, social projects and artists, who in turn have a positive influence on the common good.


1. Clothing is a statement.
It shows us who we are and what we stand for.
We need to understand that with every purchase we decide who and what we support and thus actively contribute to shaping this world.

2. Clothing is a great medium to get our message out to the world
Each piece of clothing tells a story that you can share with others. Continue telling it it so that more people know about the project and the artists.

3. It helps us to redistribute opportunities.
Selling to you enables us to create value that opens up new pathways for people who are typically disadvantaged in our society.


Räglan is aware that it will never produce a 100% harmless product. This is simply not realistic. Production and consumption - no matter how sustainable and socially produced - ALWAYS have a negative effect on our environment.

Nevertheless, we try to make our impact as positive as possible every day.
That's why we also do without anything that is unnecessary.

Your order will be shipped climate neutral in a simple shipping bag without branding or stickers. We also do without cool hang tags or other labels that end up in the trash anyway.