returns and exchanges

Free returns always imply that I just order as many as I want and then send most of them back without really thinking about it.

However, we must be aware that the return shipment is never free of charge.

Raw materials are consumed, cars are moved, parcel couriers are sent around and emissions are released.

In addition, there are all the processes from goods receipt - every return has to be unpacked, checked, booked back and stored again.

That costs working time, which I would actually have to add to the return costs on top of that.

In my opinion, free returns only boost our thoughtless consumer behavior

– and that is exactly what I would like to present as an alternative.

Always keep in mind that the garment is only actually produced for you when you place your order. “With great power comes great responsibility” ;)

Therefore, you will find a size chart for all items of clothing. So it's better to take the measuring tape and make sure that the clothes fit you perfectly. And in the end it doesn't take you any longer than preparing the return and bringing it to the post office ;)

Furthermore, I do my best that we also find different models for the photos, so that you can better imagine how it looks on you.

If you still have questions, you are of course welcome to send us a message and I will try to help you as best as possible.

In the end, however, if you're unsure whether you really want it (and that's true for whatever you buy), then don't buy it.

Buy it if you find it cool or are convinced of it.

I'd rather have a lower turnover, but knowing that you really like wearing the clothes, than having it gathering dust somewhere in your closet.


Unfortunately, we currently do not offer a direct exchange. If you would like to have an item in a different size, simply order it again from us in the shop. You simply send the other item back to us. If the shipping is below our MBW, we unfortunately have to charge you for the cost of shipping again. So it's better to measure it ;)