Falk Louis


Mann mit Blazer voller Herzen und einer Entenpuppe in der Hand

He describes himself as a multi-passionate creative who does what he wants and as far as I've gotten to know him, I can fully confirm that. 👏 🔥

I can only command you (yes, that's the right word 🙂 ) to check out his work (Instagram @falk_louis and his @carelesscomics!

You will find various comics about mental health, time travel and short stories about situations and thoughts that many of us have probably experienced before. Sometimes sad, often funny and often with a thought-provoking message...

If you have a phobia about comics - don't worry! - he also makes music 🤷

Mountain Boy definitely got me hooked for a few days!

When I first saw his art and contacted Falk, I knew he was the perfect match for the first project. The idea was to create something that fits the process that led me to create Räglan while also addressing the issue of mental health.

I think he certainly made it and I am very grateful to you Falk for choosing to work with me when Räglan only existed in my head and creating this wonderful comic.

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