The story behind the project

The Butterfly Art Project encourages creativity and healing through
Arts to build strong communities of active, artistic and stable citizens who are able to recognize and seize opportunities.

The symbols you see below are something that Luke simply draws. They express what he feels, sees or thinks at that precise moment and are therefore the epitome of creativity for me.

We have decided to call this a "cocoon".

"Cocoon" is the African word for cocoon. I always think straight to the vulnerable caterpillar that finds shelter in the cocoon, undergoes a transformation there, and then emerges as a beautiful butterfly.

Just like the kids going through the Butterfly Art Project.

The cocoons are completely open to your own interpretation and everyone may see or feel something different.

Symbol 1 der Kollektion

cocoon 1

Symbol 2 der Kollektion

cocoon 2

Symbol 3 der Kollektion

cocoon 3

Symbol 4 der Kollektion

cocoon 4

Symbol 5 der Kollektion

cocoon 5

Symbol 6 der Kollektion

cocoon 6

You can choose between the 6 different cocoons for each color and thus choose which one suits you best.


Mann mit Gesichtstätowierungen lächelnd schwarz und weiß