Acryl Gemälde einer Schildkröte mit digitalen Verzierungen
Acryl Gemälde eines Pfaus mit digitalen Verzierungen
Acryl Gemälde eines Papageis mit digitalen Verzierungen
Acryl Gemälde eines Flamingos mit digitalen Verzierungen

The story behind the project

Resi actually paints acrylic pictures that look pretty cool.

We exchanged ideas and realized that we would like to create a project together. Since Resi likes to draw animals and her favorite animal is the turtle, it quickly became clear that we wanted to devote the project to turtle rescue.

We were both fascinated by the idea of ​​printing an acrylic painting on clothes.

Resi then drew a picture and then digitally decorated it so that it really stood out on the clothes.

Since we are cooperating with an NGO in Costa Rica and Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity, Resi offered to make other paintings she had painted as prints.

Not all of the animals shown are native to Costa Rica, but we wanted to use them to point out other endangered species.

The paintings

Your new favourite

There are 5 different prints for you in 3 different colors each.

You can always change the color for the respective product.

Regular fit t-shirt, oversized or as a hoodie.


Mann zeigt voller Freude zwei Baby Schildkröten


Blonde Frau vor einem Acryl Gemälde eines Papageien