blondes Mädchen lächelnd vor Papagei Acrylgemälde

If you want to make Resi happy, then by her own admission, she likes everything "girly"!

I definitely had a super interesting process with her. Getting to know her art, finding a subject - since she was painting a lot of animals at the time, we chose her favorite animal: a turtle - and then continue to develop the finished print.

10/10 would do it again!

I'm a big fan of her paintings and would hang one up in my apartment right away if I had the space for it (good excuse or 🤭) Jokes aside - I think they're really really cool and I'm thrilled that Resi painted an acrylic painting and a path found how to put it on a t-shirt!

Framed with her talent for digital art, that makes it even more unique!

Check out her art, spread the word, buy it and hang it in your homes to help her turn her passion into a career! → Of course only after you have bought this project to help save the turtles from extinction! 😏


Mann zeigt voller Freude zwei Baby Schildkröten
Acryl Gemälde einer Schildkröte mit digitalen Verzierungen