Ich bin ein bewusster Konsument

I am a conscious consumer

It is part of our vision that we want to encourage people to consume consciously - but what does “conscientious consumption” actually mean?

When can I say: "I am a conscious consumer"?

Today's consumption has far-reaching effects on the world in which we live.

From climate change to pollution to social injustice, many problems are closely linked to our consumer behavior.

In this context, conscious consumption is becoming increasingly important. Conscious consumption means critically examining our purchasing decisions and consciously selecting products and services that correspond to our values ​​and beliefs.

It's about taking responsibility and counteracting the negative effects of consumption.

The aim of this series is to shed light on the concept of conscious consumption and to show the importance and benefits of such consumer behavior.

Tips and recommendations are provided on how to consume consciously and the challenges and obstacles that can stand in the way of conscious consumption are addressed.

We hope this series helps you develop a better understanding of conscious consumption.

We want to talk about how we can become a conscious consumer.

And what's more important:

Why do we even want to become conscious consumers?