Warum bewusster Konsum eine Notwendigkeit ist

Why conscious consumption is a necessity

protection of the environment

Our consumer behavior has a direct impact on the environment.

Through conscious consumption, we can reduce our ecological footprint by choosing more environmentally friendly products, saving resources and minimizing waste.

Social responsibility

Conscious consumption allows us to support companies that produce in a fair and socially responsible way.

This includes aspects such as respect for labor rights, fair wages and the avoidance of child labor.

By consuming consciously, we contribute to improving working conditions worldwide.

Promoting sustainable companies

Through our purchasing decisions, we can support companies that pursue sustainable practices and innovations.

By increasing our demand for environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, we create incentives for companies to make their business models sustainable.

Health aspects

Conscious consumption also includes choosing products that are beneficial to our health.

We can choose high-quality foods, natural cosmetics and sustainable materials that are beneficial to our health.


Overall, conscious consumption is important to promote positive change in society.

By making our purchasing decisions consciously, we can use our influence as consumers to create a more sustainable, fair and healthy world.