Black Friday is not for you. It's for the companies - Räglan

Black Friday is not for you. It's for the companies

Under the campaign "Black Friday is not for you. It's for the companies" campaign, I have committed myself to donating 100% of all profits to our partner NGOs in order to set an example against our consumption.

Together we achieved an amount of 206,61€. I rounded the amount up to 250€.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us!

You can read about why I decided to do this and my thoughts on the campaign here.

Anyways I would like to ask you to pause for a moment and realise that with every purchase you take responsibility for who and what you support and thus actively contribute to shaping this world.


It's that time of the year again that we have all been waiting for, that time of the year when prices are slashed and you get to buy the items you have always desired. What an amazing opportunity! 

But wait, is that actually true?

Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret. 

Black Friday isn't for you. It's for the companies.

Most of the time we are getting tricked into believing we need this new *insert product of your choice*. Alleged cheap prices let you score a bargain and causes you to get high on dopamine. Once that rush is gone, most of the time we end up with things we don't need.

That works, because we actually don’t know what most items are really worth. As a consequence we are subjective and open to being manipulated by being told we get something for less.

I believe that our decision-making basis for a purchase should NOT be the fact that we can get something cheaper, but rather because we are really convinced of the product / cause or have an actual use for it.

Basically Black Friday goes against pretty much everything Raglan stands for.

Of course, it is entirely your decision what you buy and you are allowed to and should be content with it.

With Räglan, I am merely trying to offer an alternative, an opportunity for conscious consumption and at the same time use the value created by our consumption to support projects that serve the public welfare.

That's why, 100% of the profits from today until Sunday evening 24:00h will be donated to our partners (NGO´s).

(It's scientifically proven that feeling hurried forces us to make bad decisions. Decisions we often regret afterwards. That's why I´d like to give you the time to make a conscious decision about whether or not you want to support us with your purchase.)

Whether you want to take advantage of it or not is entirely up to you.