Frau steht hinter ihrem Stand voller Postkarten und Textilien

When I picture Ella as a Disney character, I see the pink princess ruling over her pink kingdom, full of pink fluffy rabbits and dogs, with pink cotton candy growing from the trees.

I only met her once via Zoom call, but I was immediately struck by her energy and positivity.

Ella tells me the sun hardly ever shines in Nottingham - but that's probably simply because she can count on you to spread enough warmth.

Thank you for working on this project. I think you not only captured the different activities of Conscious Impact, but above all what makes Conscious Impact so special: the feeling of community and togetherness.

If you like her style, you should definitely take a look at Ella's shop, where you can find everything from postcards and stickers to mugs, tote bags and pillows.

Nepalesische Frau und weiße Frau stehen Arm in Arm und lächeln
Illustration über verschiedene Aktivitäten der NGO Conscious Impact