Nadine Magner


Photo by János Buck

Nadine Magner

Finding a suitable artist for the “Faces” project was a real challenge. I browsed through countless profiles, looking for someone who could capture the essence of the project and the interviews without ever having seen the people behind it.

I really wanted the art to do justice to the people who showed themselves so vulnerable on the podcast.

And then, after weeks of searching, someone recommended Nadine to me. I looked at her art and immediately had an idea how she could be a perfect fit for the project. So I contacted her and she was on board right away, totally enthusiastic about the idea.

Drawing people is one of Nadine's favorite subjects, although she found it really difficult for a while.

She has now drawn over 300 people as part of the "people of places I've been to" project and would prefer never to stop. Even when she only hears the people and doesn't see them, like in the FACES podcast. A stroke of luck for me!

Working with Nadine was great! She listened to every episode of the podcast and then visualized the people she imagined based on their stories.

Her images beautifully capture the essence of this project: the people behind homelessness who are often overlooked because we only focus on their external condition.

Thank you, Nadine , for your excellent work and for capturing the emotion of the interviews so sensitively on the clothing.

The collection is part of the podcast "FACES by Räglan"

Last year I went out on the streets and talked to homeless people to give them a platform to share their stories and whatever they might want to share.

You can now listen to these exact stories in the podcast “Faces”.




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