How do I recognize sustainable companies?

How do I recognize sustainable companies?

Almost every company now advertises with sustainability. Unfortunately, however, there is often a lack of transparency, making it extremely difficult for consumers to keep track of things. To help you better understand what to look out for, we have put together a guide for you.

I hope it helps you to make conscious purchasing decisions.

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What is fair trade clothing?

Biomaterials alone are not enough to demonstrate ethically correct production. In order for your clothing to be considered socially sustainable, it must also have been manufactured under fair working conditions. This is ensured, for example, by the certificate from the Fair Wear Foundation .

When is a brand sustainable and what characterizes a sustainable brand?

“Sustainability, or sustainable development, means meeting the needs of the present in a way that does not limit the opportunities of future generations.”

A company that acts sustainably gives more back to the environment and society than it takes from them.

The supply chain must be transparent and sustainable in all areas so that I, as a consumer, can understand how my garment was made.

If I, as a company, am interested in acting as sustainably as possible, then profit should never be my primary goal.

What criteria do manufacturers of sustainable clothing have to meet?

Companies that produce sustainable clothing have to meet various economic and social criteria.

This includes, for example, the exclusive use of organic, recycled or other sustainable materials (e.g. hemp). Transparency towards their customers. Proof of important certificates. As well as creating fair working conditions and reasonable social framework conditions for their workers.

At the same time, each (manufacturer) should independently question their own approach and behavior and ensure that they meet their responsibility towards people and the environment.

When is clothing sustainable?


If we go by the definition of sustainability, the production of clothing always consumes more resources than are given back.

To come close to being sustainable clothes, we need to make sure they're made with the least impact possible, everyone involved is paid and treated fairly, and we're giving back to the planet and society.

This process is ongoing and brings us ever closer to the goal of "sustainability".

Is sustainable clothing more expensive?

Sustainably and fairly produced clothing is definitely more expensive than clothing that exploits the environment and other people to produce it.

However, the price alone is not an indicator of sustainable clothing or quality.