Rays of Hope

Afrikanische Kinder draußen an einem Wasserhahn

Rays of Hope is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) and Non-Profit Organization (PBO) that runs a variety of social service programs in Alexandra Township (Alex), north of Johannesburg.

The organization's goal is to empower individuals and families to improve all aspects of their lives, thereby making a lasting impact on the Alex community.

Rays of Hope began with a single project in 1991 and has grown into a network of ten community-based programs focused on education, vulnerable children and employability.

The journey from vulnerability to independence

Children and families in need receive physical, emotional, spiritual and social support.

This happens, for example, in the area. gender violence

There will be free consultations for the community
for grief, trauma, family and marriage.

Other areas can be found in Community Nutrition Assistance. For example through health days for all Rays of Hope children, health and educational events (diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV+,
etc.), nutrition education, cultivation and distribution of
fresh vegetables.

Focus on education & early childhood development

Operation of the Hlayisanani ECD center (early-childhood-development) in Alexandra, as well as the strengthening of the capacities of smaller crèches and day-care centers through workshops and training.

Yarona after school program
Lessons for children in grades 1 to 3 to speak and read English.

Math and English support for children in grades 4 to 10, as well as extracurricular activities such as holiday clubs and an annual camp.

Vocational preparation and higher qualification

preparing young people for life outside school; Imparting knowledge about professions through speakers, career days, visits to workplaces; preparation for the world of work; mentoring; Computer knowledge.

Furthermore, support for professional development is offered through various initiatives.