Hey you are very expensive!

Frau mit Kappe sitzt auf einer Klippe und macht Kussmund

I can understand that at first glance it looks expensive when 45€ is asked for a t-shirt.

Especially if you are used to spending far less on your clothes. Even if you only have relatively limited financial resources and you would normally buy 2 to 3 t-shirts for the price.

However, always try to think about the quality of your garment and how long you will wear it.

1+1 = 3

Let's look at this with an example.

Suppose you buy a cheaply produced t-shirt for 10€ (in this example we leave out all influences on the environment, people, etc.). After 4 washes it has probably warped, shrunk a bit, is a bit uncomfortable and from then on it's just in your closet because you just don't like wearing it anymore. So the t-shirt ended up costing you €2.50 per wear (€10 cost divided by 4 wears) and you buy a new one.

In comparison, if you buy a high-quality t-shirt (this is not about a supposedly high-quality brand, but about a high-quality manufactured product) for €35, you have of course spent more money to begin with. But you wash the t-shirt maybe 15 times and it still fits perfectly. In this example, the t-shirt costs €2.30 per wearing once and you can still wear it.

Wild example, but when you buy a house, laptop, cell phone or bike, you want those things to last, right?

And you use these items every day.

So why shouldn't we apply the same mindset to our clothes?

Change in our mindset

And in order to promote exactly this mindset, I try to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can understand the prices and understand how much money is used where.

In order to guarantee you full transparency, you will find an overview of the costs for each item of clothing and how much we earn from it.

In my opinion, clothing that is produced sustainably and fairly is not too expensive, we are simply used to clothing that is far too cheap.

If everyone involved is to be paid fairly and the impact on our planet is to be kept as low as possible, then that has its price.

I have absolutely no intention of excluding anyone from the purchase by asking absurd prices.

Clothing should be available to everyone and never seen as a status symbol.

That's why we have our "Fair" program.


If we are honest with ourselves, then sustainable & ethically produced clothing is still a luxury good that not everyone in our system can afford.

Even if they wanted to, these people do not have the opportunity to choose sustainable clothing.

This bothers me for 2 reasons:

1) If we really want to change something in the world, then we must all have the opportunity to adapt our consumer behavior.

2) Nobody should be excluded from sustainable consumption because of their financial resources.

That's why there is the "FAIR" program, which consists of 2 modules.

Part 1

Depending on your financial resources, you can choose at checkout whether you want to support this program with an amount of your choice.

Every cent, every euro is warmly welcomed.

Once enough money is raised to cover the cost of an item of clothing, that item of clothing is given to someone in the program.

This support is aimed at people who are really so limited financially that it is absolutely impossible to buy one of our clothes.

Part 2

For people with limited financial resources who still focus on sustainable consumption.

I have decided to give you the opportunity to purchase our clothes at the lowest possible price.

Basic T-shirt: €20*
Basic oversized t-shirt: €25*
Basic Hoodie: 50€*

Artwork T-shirt: 25€*
Artwork Oversized T-Shirt: 30€*
Artwork Hoodie: 55€*

*excl. Shipment


Please note that the entire program is based on trust.

It only works if we are all honest with ourselves and act accordingly.

I try to act as transparently as possible and to provide you with as much information as possible.

At the end of the day, we are still moving in an economic system. This means that Räglan is dependent on ecologically sustainable management.

Therefore, I ask you not to take advantage of this program, because then nobody can and will benefit in the long term.

The goal of the program is to find a way not to exclude anyone because of their financial means, by supporting each other and fulfilling our vision together.

How can I become part of the program?

Just send us an email to fair@raeglan.com telling us which part of the program you are applying for and which product you would like to purchase.

Please tell us your name and explain in 2-3 sentences why you would like to take advantage of the support.

If all of this sounds plausible, then we'll either send you a discount code (part 2 of the program) or put you on the waiting list (part 1) and get back to you as soon as the product is financially viable.