for a fairer society

for a fairer society

equality for all

Hey you,

Justice at all levels is a central value of Räglan and therefore we would like to work with you to draw attention to the problems of patriarchy and to find out what is necessary to ensure equal treatment and equal opportunities for all women.

Because this is such a broad and diverse topic, we want to give each and every one of you the opportunity to share your thoughts and make a difference.

The goal is to understand where we as a society stand on this issue and where we face these injustices.

In order to give the whole thing structure, we would like to do it in the form of short interviews.

We have written down 7 questions, which you can then answer briefly via video.

There are no right or wrong answers. Depending on our upbringing, our background, our experiences, we all have something different to say.

Through the interviews, we want to find out where you think the personal and social causes lie, define and localize existing problems and then develop various solutions.

We want to capture all your opinions because only by understanding the different thoughts and feelings can we take the necessary actions to make a difference.

The videos will be evaluated by us and will be part of a subsequent awareness campaign about the patriarchy. Here we will also present solutions that result from your interviews.

In this context, the videos would be shared on 1) Instagram (raeglan_clothing) 2) website " and 3) Youtube (@raeglan).

Clothing meets fundraiser

In connection with the awareness campaign, there will also be a fundraiser for a non-profit organization that advocates for equal rights.

There will also be a few nice pieces of clothing again so that we can carry the topic out into the world together.

Share your thoughts with us!

Send us a short email to or write to us on Instagram (@raeglan_clothing) if you would like to be there.

We will then share the questions and further information with you :)

It would be awesome if you could lend your voice to this important cause.

The more votes we collect, the more we can do!

safe space

As I said, it's about capturing your opinions and feelings on this topic. There are no right or wrong answers.

I honestly hope we get a lot of different answers. Only then can we really learn something from this project.

We do not offer any space for any kind of discrimination.

If you don't agree on an opinion, we'd love to join the discussion to learn from each other.

In my opinion, every person who decides to participate in the project, to express their opinion via video and thus makes themselves vulnerable, deserves the utmost respect.

Thank you very much.

Räglan is behind you.