Our goal

Our goal

In order to understand and achieve Räglan's goal, we must first look at the underlying problems.

Diagramm über Probleme der Fashion Industrie

The negative impact of the fashion industry on our environment continues to increase. More pollutants are used, more and more waste is produced and the people in the manufacturing countries are exploited and suffer from work-related diseases.

The procedure is to produce more and more and more cheaply in order to do justice to our consumer behavior.

Every week the “latest trend” is published in poor quality. As a result, items of clothing are worn an average of 7 times.

Then they end up in the garbage or sink somewhere in the closets.

The textile industry has simply degraded clothing to disposable goods through its approach.

And while we no longer know what to do with all the clothes here, there are still people in the world who don't have any clothes at all.

How did this even happen?

Besides the manipulation of the textile industry through advertising, which leads us to believe that we always need more, there are 2 main reasons for this in my opinion.

One reason is ignorance. Many people are not even aware of where their clothes actually come from and how they can make a difference with their purchase.

Therefore, there is also a lack of understanding that a piece of clothing that has been produced fairly and ecologically sustainably, on which nobody has been exploited, has a certain price.

On the other hand, there are more and more people for whom the issues of environmental and social compatibility are important, especially when it comes to "fashion and clothing" and would like to change their behavior, but usually don't know how.

Above all, there is a lack of transparency and, as a result, a lack of trust in companies. That's why "non-sustainable fashion" (so-called fast fashion ) is often resorted to again, because people aren't sure whether it makes a difference.

Could a cause also be a solution?

The global apparel market is expected to grow from $551.36 billion in 2021 to $843.13 billion in 2026.

Mann verkleidet als Patrick Star (Spongebob)
Mann verkleidet als Patrick Star (Spongebob)

For me personally, the issue of the lack of transparency was also reflected in the topic of "donations".

I would like to understand what exactly happens with my donation and I am always concerned that it will not reach its goal at all.

My willingness to donate is definitely there - but due to a lack of information and transparency, I often hesitated and decided against it.

But then I didn't sit down and research where I could donate the money elsewhere. In my opinion, it must therefore be relatively easy to donate something.

The will was there, so I actually did something positive and it's not my fault that the information isn't given.

The train of thought works for a clear conscience - but support doesn't get anywhere.

What is the goal?

Rethinking the way we perceive, make and do business with fashion.

Räglan's goal is to tackle precisely these problems and create a bridge between the commercial side and the socially committed side of our society.

The most important thing for me is complete transparency and honesty.

Every piece of clothing should be unique and just make you want to wear it. Every print, every design should be something special that makes you happy that it's in your closet and that you like to wear it again and again.

Every piece of clothing should have its own story.

As mentioned, the textile industry has degraded clothing to disposable goods over the years and that is exactly what I want to get away from. Away from having 50 different tops in the closet and appreciating individual things more.

In my opinion, clothing allows us to express our own personality in a great way. And everyone in their own way. In my opinion, clothing should in no way become a status symbol or be perceived as a status symbol.

This is one of the reasons why disposable goods and mass production don't really go together. Something you really like and how you express yourself wouldn't you just throw away or ignore in the back corner of your closet?

It is not only important to me that you are happy, but also everyone involved in the creation and production of the clothes.