Where does the name come from?

Sonnenuntergang am Strand von Raglan, Neuseeland

Raglan is the name of a small surfer village on the west coast of New Zealand and to me it represents my love for the ocean, the feeling of surfing, community, alternative vibes, art, self-expression, simplicity, being close to nature and the mountains. Things I'm excited about.

Things that evoke emotions and feelings that I would like to incorporate 100% into the company.

While I was intensively dealing with the topic, I had a dream one night that just felt super real, and there I have together with a Swede (stereotypically long blond hair, Schnörres - if you feel addressed, please get in touch . Maybe we can really start something together) worked on Räglan.

The whole thing felt so "right" that I decided to change the "a" in Raglan to an "ä" to clearly differentiate it from the village and make it something of my own.