How does Raglan work?

Mann mit weißem T-Shirt vor einer Graffiti-Wand, der auf das Wort Liebe zeigt

You will not only find fair-produced and sustainable clothing with us, but every piece of clothing is connected to a social organization or a social project that is supported by Räglan.

With every item of clothing sold, a portion will go towards the project/organisation.

The design is always thematically aligned with the project. It is important to me that it is not just a saying or something similar. It should be a cool design, which is also great to wear in everyday life and also works as an independent design, independent of the supported project.

“Art is not supposed to change the world, to change practical things, but to change perceptions. Art can change the way we see the world.”

JR, Street Artist, in Inside Out Baltimore (June 13, 2012)

JR's quote perfectly describes the idea behind it. The approach is to use artistically appealing designs, as they allow a completely different approach to the topic.

If I like the art, I immediately associate a feeling with it, I just open myself up more. And if I like art, I like to show it and carry it around with me.

Someone who doesn't care about whales won't buy a shirt that says "Save the wales". But if I manage to create a design based on the topic that visually convinces him, he will deal with the topic and also pass on the message behind it.

It doesn't matter what kind of art it is. I am open to all forms of art and would love to find ways to use art forms that are not normally directly associated with textile printing.

How many times have you noticed that there was a crisis or disaster and out of nowhere various fundraising campaigns were started to support the people affected.

The question I asked myself is - Why can't it always be like this? Why can't we operate sustainably and support people in need at the same time?

And not just once or twice, but constantly and over the long term, so that change really occurs and the need for help is reduced.

Don't forget the artist

Have you ever wondered where all the cool designs for the prints come from?

If not - you probably are right now.

And now that you've asked yourself that - can you tell me which artist is responsible for your favorite shirt

Probably not.

With big companies, it's just an off-the-shelf design, just trying to make you like it without giving the artist much consideration.

I would like to change that and that's why we work with a different artist for each project.

The design should always be thematically oriented to the project to be supported, but be completely free in design and correspond to the style of the artist.

This person should be free to express themselves and their thoughts through the design.

Some designs are therefore colorful and crazy, others are more subtle - but a good portion of work and love goes into all of them.

Therefore, you will always find a brief introduction to the artist, as well as the opportunity to view more of his/her work.

If you like it, I'd be happy if you support it too :)