Was geschieht, wenn wir alle bewusst konsumieren?

What happens when we all consume consciously?

Conscious consumption has the potential to bring about positive change on an individual, societal and global level.

protection of the environment

Through conscious consumption we can reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to conserving our natural resources.

The focus on sustainable products and resource conservation helps to combat climate change, preserve biodiversity and reduce environmental impact.

Social responsibility

Conscious consumption also includes taking social aspects into account.

By choosing products that are manufactured under fair working conditions, we support fair labor practices and contribute to improving the living conditions of people worldwide.

Economic change

Increasingly conscious consumption can also bring about economic change.

As more people demand sustainable products, companies are encouraged to rethink their production processes and adopt more environmentally friendly and ethical practices.

This creates new markets and business opportunities in the area of ​​sustainability.

It hurts the economy.

A decline in consumption, and therefore in demand for goods and services, would cause economic recessions and an economic crisis with truly devastating problems for the growth of the economy, employment and the well-being of residents.

--> our economic system does not support conscious consumption