Herausforderungen für bewussten Konsum: Marketing

Challenges for Conscious Consumption: Marketing

See through the deception

One of the biggest challenges for conscious consumption is deceptive marketing.

Companies invest a lot in attractive product presentation and often neglect sustainability or ethical production.

Clever marketing strategies entice consumers to buy unnecessary or unsustainable products.

Overwhelming advertising makes it difficult for consumers to obtain objective information and make an informed decision.

Rethink our economic system

Our economic system thrives on excessive consumption and constantly produces unnecessary goods that flood the market.

This has economic and environmental consequences and highlights the need for a fundamental shift in the mindset of companies and consumers towards sustainability.

But how would our economic system survive then?

Beyond the price tags

Joy cannot and should not be measured in material values.

Find joy in spending time together, be grateful that someone thinks about you and spends time with you, and appreciate the effort someone goes to do something for you.

Give because you really want to, not out of obligation.

The people who benefit the most from you buying expensive gifts are the companies.

Our cityscape offers no alternative to consumption

In the city centers, the focus is on consumption, while alternative experiences are neglected.

The streets are populated with numerous shops that exclusively satisfy consumer desires.

Community spaces, cultural activities and non-commercial aspects, on the other hand, would enable diverse interactions that benefit our society.